C.R.A.Z.Y Six Flags Magic Mountain

July, 2009

US – Los Angeles

C.R.A.Z.Y Six Flags Magic Mountain

So far, the craziest thing I’d ever done was making me, myself a point to appear at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Before we landed at Los Angeles, there was this gentleman told us that ‘do you know that Magic Mountain is closing down soon. Because they are not making money!’ Oh my god! It means we shouldn’t miss the opportunity before feeling regret! I didn’t know why, my courage was got up and in the end, still, my unwilling participation in the ‘scheme’.

I have covered ONLY 5 games:

(i) Viper – get turn upside down seven times! (54’’)

(ii) X2 – a whole new Xtreme Xperience – the world’s first and only 5th dimensional thrill! (48’’)

(iii) Tatsu – Fly at a speed of fear! It is the world’s tallest, fastest and longest flying coaster sends riders through the Park’s distinct mountainous terrain (54’’)

(iv) Terminator Salvation – a modern roller coaster while retaining the nostalgic look and feel of a classic “woodie”. Opens late spring, 2009. (48’’)

(v) Jetstream – a scenic adventure with a splashy, 57-foot plunge finale.


THAT’s enough to make me high!

I Love Japan

July, 2009

Japan – Tokyo

The beneficial one day Tokyo trip with Doreen-san

Meiji Jingu - a Shinto shrine. Shinto is called Japan's ancient original religion, and it is deeply rooted in the way of Japanese life. This shrine is dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji (passed away in 1912) and his consort Empress Shoken (passed away in 1914).

At Temizuya
Paying respect at Meiji Jingu

These actions express respect and are independent of religios beliefs:
(i) Rinse your left hand, rinse your right hand
(ii) Pour water into your left hand and rinse your mouth
(iii) Rinse your left hand, and rinse the dipper

Shinyokohama Raumen Museum

Tokyo Tower